If you're seeking emotive imagery, an effortless experience, and a D.C. wedding photographer who's all about authenticity - we should keep this party going.

Event photography for all the fun in your life.   




Your gathering - and all of its fleeting glances and unfettered fun - documented with a balance of thoughtful, composed shots and raw photojournalistic edge. Wedding photography includes a second photographer and options to personalize your day.  Begins at $4900



A quaint courthouse ceremony or an intimate getaway in a quiet corner of the world. I’m here to document the beauty behind profoundly personal celebrations with an unobtrusive presence and incredible care.  Begins at $1500


all that is worth celebrating and savoring

photography  for

washington, dc


All of the meaningful moments that call for pausing on - proposals, engagements, anniversaries, family and baby.  Begins at $475


You do the revelry. I'll do the rest.


The most fruitful journeys always include the extra mile. I love coming up with small, special touches that make you smile, ease your stress, or solve a problem before you ever knew it existed. Because my job isn’t solely to provide beautiful images—it's to ensure you feel seen.

I believe

personal touches

I believe in

bring on the age-old - but make it new and refreshing

Nothing quite rivals flipping through a physical photo album and anticipating every page turn. 

We believe

going old school

I believe in

where compassion goes, goodness follows

The world is better—and smiles are brighter—when kindness and acceptance abounds. I honor love stories of all shapes and sizes and believe the best art stems from a place of understanding and empathy.


spreading kindness

I believe in

Keep your eyes & heart on the now  

Time is a non-renewable resource and the most valuable form of currency we have. Soak in every moment of your celebration—glasses raised, tears shed, laughter shared, all of it. As you do, I’ll be there documenting every emotion and sliver of time as it unfolds.

I believe

being present

I believe in

so do i

Your wedding day should be filled with all of the revelry, delight, and joy in the world. I would be honored to play a part in marking that happen. 

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"she made my experience wonderful with her guidance and expertise. My photos were absolutely beautiful!"

Kind Words

my & bao


"Your work is just beyond beautiful."

Kind Words


"These photos are amazing.What beautiful, thoughtful work! you truely captured the details of the whole day from start to finish...thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love you put into this project. we wiLL certainly cherish these photos!"

Kind Words

C & J


"thank you, thank you, thank you! There was something so beautiful and unique, yet timeless about your pictures and editing style that really captured my attention as i was looking though a ton of photographer's websites and I am so pleased that the pictures from my day have that style"

Kind Words

C & H