When I started photographing weddings, I assumed my favorite part of the work would be the photography itself—but it turned out to be the people. I leave every celebration I have the privilege of documenting with a full heart and such admiration for the love I witness between families.

What’s not to love about a mom staring at her son with all of the pride in the world—or a dad welling up with tears because he swears it was just yesterday his daughter was in kindergarten? I feel so fortunate to get to witness—and forever suspend in time—those ephemeral moments in relationships.

As the daughter of an artist and a professor, both sides of my brain get their fair share of camera time. I take my art form and the responsibility I have to my couples incredibly seriously—but I’m also laid-back and love to create the kind of atmosphere that allows you to have fun and feel like yourself.

meet the wedding photographer

What catches the eye is a start. What stirs the soul is everything.

Your taste is impeccable and while your wedding is bound to be beautiful, what you’re really all about are the emotions and energy that bring it to life. Like you, the finer things in life capture my attention (ask me about my knack for always picking out the most expensive thing on the rack)—but it’s shared moments between family and friends I value most.

It’s this appreciation for both beauty and essence that informs the way I create for you and yours. It’s trained technical acumen combined with intuitive storytelling. An organized experience you can trust in—and an easy-going demeanor that allows you to feel your most free in front of the lens. Going weak in the knees for old-world architecture and storied settings—but always up for new experiences and adventures.

It’s recognizing that the aesthetics of your day are art in and of themselves—but knowing that my true job is to dig deeper and document the spirit of your celebration, so you can relive its magic for a lifetime to come.

I'll meet you at the intersection of artistry and emotion



love wins

I believe kindness, inclusivity, and connection are the cornerstones of great art. I proudly serve and celebrate all couples and families—regardless of culture, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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